Piping services are a necessity to ensure that you have an adequate water supply with the right pressure and without any leaks or problems. To make sure this is the case, you’ll need to engage the services of a plumber from time to time, preferably before an emergency occurs.

This guide is going to break down the costs of residential plumbing in Canberra, so you know what to expect when calling a specialist to fix your pipes, drains, or faucets.

The Average Cost Of Residential Plumbing Services In Canberra

The Average Cost Of Residential Plumbing Services In Canberra

Residential Plumbing Prices Canberra – Typical Costs for Small Jobs

The cost of a residential plumbing project is going to depend on the nature of the problem and the extent of the damage. Fixing a leaky faucet is cheaper than replacing a burst pipe. And replacing a burst pipe is cheaper than installing a hot water system. So the cost is going to be determined primarily, but not exclusively, by the type of job.

What can be said is that most small scale jobs should be in the region of $120 – $220 to fix. The price for simple jobs is often a combination of the callout fee and base hourly rate. Otherwise, it will be a total fixed price for job completion.

Type Of Job Typical Prices
Bathroom Vanity Installation $160
Broken Tap Replacement $120
Leaky Pipe Fix $180
Replace Broken Toilet $150
Unblock A Drain $150
Unblock A Toilet $120

Residential Plumbing Prices Canberra – Bigger Fixes

The most typical residential services are the ones you would expect – blocked toilets, blocked sinks, leaking faucets, leaking pipes, etc. But what about larger residential projects? The table below should give you an indication as to the cost of some of the heavier services provided by Canberra plumbers.

Job Type Typical Prices
Kitchen Faucet Installation $250 – $500
Washbasin Faucet Installation $220 – $440
Bathtub Faucet Installation $150 – $400
Bathtub Installation $3,500 – $5,000
Shower Installation $2,800 – $4,500
Toilet Installation $250 –  $500
Vanity Unit Installation $2,800 – $4,500
Sink Installation $1,200  – $2,500

Residential Plumbing Prices Canberra – Installation & Hot Water Systems

Now we come to the largest kind of residential project – the pipe installation and hot water systems. You can expect to pay between $10,000 and $20,000 for the initial piping on a new home, depending on the size of the home and on many other criteria. A granny flat might cost around $7,000 to $10,000 while a typical home might be in the region of $12,000 – $16,000.

You can expect to pay around $1,000 for a basic hot water system (electric or gas) outside of the installation costs. Solar hot water systems will be a lot more expensive. You will pay between $150 – $300 for hot water installation provided no additional pipes are needed (as is the case when replacing an old unit with a new one). The following table breaks down in a little more detail. There are many types of hot water systems with varying degrees of efficiency and storage capacity.

How Water System Type Minimum Price Maximum Price
Electric (Storage Type) $400 (125 L) $1,800 (400 L)
Electric (Instant Type) $600 $1,500
Gas (Storage Type) $850 (135 L) $1,700 (360 L)
Gas (Instant Type) $750 $1,800
Solar (Roof Mounted And Boosted By Electric) $3,600 $4,800
Solar (Split System And Boosted By Electric) $3,900 $6,000+
Conversion (Electric To Gas, Etc) $1,500 $3,000
Moving System Elsewhere $800 $2,000
Installation Electric/Gas $200 (Existing Pipes, Easy) $800 (New Connections Necessary)

Hourly Rates & Callout Fees

So, we’ve gone through the typical fixed fees for standard sized jobs in Canberra, large and small. But what about hourly rates and callout fees? Fixed fees are preferable because you know what you are getting – it’s up to the plumber to get the job finished. Otherwise, you could be hit with a charge that is higher than you might expect.

The typical callout fee is in the region of $50 – $150, with $80 being around average. The hourly rate for a plumber in Australian Capital Territory is actually higher than any other state in Australia, at $95 per hour. This can be compared to Tasmania at $61 and Queensland at $73.

But this should help you to understand why most of the basic jobs will cost around $120 – $220. You are paying for the callout fee and the hourly rate of the plumber. The basic job will take less than an hour, but you will likely have to pay for the entire first hour as well as the callout fee (a callout fee of $60 with an hourly rate of $90 will likely incur a $150 charge, even if the plumber only takes 30 minutes to complete the job).

With regard to emergency callout fees, they are often $150 – $250 if you have a job you need done at 3AM. The service itself is also likely to be higher as is the hourly rate. This is to be expected, as the plumber is up all night. Alternatively, they might have to drop everything to get to you during the day.

Factors Affecting the Price of Plumbing

The factors affecting the price of a given piping project are as follows:

  • Type Of Job – Complex jobs will cost more to complete.
  • Hourly Rate – More experienced plumbers will have higher hourly rates.
  • Location – ACT and WA tend to have higher hourly rates than other regions.
  • Company – Some companies are simply more affordable than others.
  • Materials – The job might require a replacement pipe, screws, etc.
  • Core product – If you are purchasing a hot water system you need to purchase it first and then pay for installation.
  • Scope – Replacing a section of pipes is going to cost more than a single pipe.
  • Technology – Companies that use sophisticated technology like thermal imaging might have an additional charge.

Reducing Plumbing Costs in Canberra

If you want to get the best prices for plumbing services in Canberra, you need to work with a contractor that you can trust. We are a family owned 24/7 company that provides exceptional quality of service at unbeatable prices.

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How can I reduce the cost of plumbing in Canberra?

Prevention and maintenance is the best way. You can use a DIY solution and flush all drains with it once a month. It does help. Alternatively, you can avail of hydro jetting services every now and again. This is a powerful jet of water that scours through your pipes, leaving them squeaky clean. You are going to need to call a plumber at some stage, so be prepared to pay at least $120 for a basic job. This is on the low end of the standard rate, and you can’t expect people to work for free.

Is it expensive to replace pipes?

Yes, this is actually quite an expensive operation. Thankfully, unless you have lead or PB pipes you probably won’t need to do this. Modern water pipes are made from PEX, Copper, or CPVC. You can simply use hydro jetting services to clean them or engage in pipe relining to strengthen them up. Plastic pipes are about half the price for copper on a price per square meter basis.

Why are plumbers so expensive in Canberra?

Well, piping is not exactly the ‘cleanest’ job. We get called when there is a problem, such as a clogged toilet. Plumbers need to bend down and work at certain angles which can put a strain on the lower spine, especially when done daily. Some plumbers will work on roof piping, others work with gas, many with sewage pipes. Aside, it does take time and skill to master, and the hourly rates are not all that different from other tradesmen like electricians and carpenters.

How can I find a legitimate plumber?

Ask them for their licencing number so you can check it out. They should also be 100% insured. You also want to work with a contractor that has at least 10 years of experience and that is friendly to deal with. It is illegal to work on your own piping, aside from perhaps cleaning your drain if it’s stuck.

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