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Experts in Toilet Plumbing Canberra

In Australia, there are 4 primary kinds of toilets – The Link, The Close-Settled, Back To Wall, and Concealed Cistern. We are familiar with all these models as well as the traps, inlets, set outs, and cisterns associated with them. We can install them or fix them, whatever you desire.

The common problems associated with toilet plumbing Canberra are:

1. Toilet Keeps Running – If your toilet keeps running after flushing, it could be a sign of a damaged inlet/outlet valve, or the washers in them need replacing.

2. Blocked Toilet – If your toilet is blocked, you may be able to remove the blockage with a plunger. If the blockage is further down the drain than the toilet, you will likely need a plumber and their specialised equipment to fix the issue.

3. Leak Around Base – There is a rubber seal (the pan collar) that connects the outlet on the toilet (pan) to the PVC drain. Pan collars can wear out with age and are often the cause of leaks around the base of the toilet or between the toilet and the back wall.

If you’ve any of the above problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 📞0411 169 327.

Leaking Taps

Leaking taps and toilets are a common cause for concern. Because they are an indication that something is awry.

Blocked Toilets

Clogged toilets can be a real pain in the neck! It happens to everybody at some stage. The fact is that toilets get a lot of use, and it is the appliance that is designed to carry our waste.

Do I Need A Plumber To Install A Toilet?

Yes. A toilet is part of your plumbing system and needs to be installed by a licensed and qualified plumber. If you are undertaking a complete bathroom renovation and replacing your toilet as part of this job, your bathroom renovator needs to be appropriately licensed and use a plumber for this job. If you’re looking for toilet plumbing Canberra, we are licensed and insured to the installation job.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Toilet In Australia?

On average, the cost of installing a toilet in Australia is around $300-$400, but this can be as high as $1,000 or more for some models. Of course, this is also only if you replace an existing toilet, rather than installing a new toilet in a new bathroom.

How Do I Know If My Wax Ring Is Leaking?

The first sign of a failing wax ring is water that seems to be seeping out of the base of your toilet. Other signs to look for include water stains on the ceiling from the floor below. You may also notice a lingering, unpleasant bathroom odour from escaped sewer gasses.

Why Does My Toilet Gurgle When I Shower?

This is often the case when you have a blockage and your shower/toilet share a drain line and a vent stack (this setup is called wet venting). If either the line or the stack has a clog or blockage, the air is forced either up or down your toilet, making the gurgling noise you’re hearing.

Plumbing Areas We Specialise In

There’s never a great time for a bathroom problem. Dealing with blocked drains, cracked showerheads, or a mysterious puddle of water that seems to appear when you leave the room, our locally owned and operated Canberra team are locals just like you. So whether you’re a resident of Ngunnawal, or run a business in Canberra’s City Centre, we’re always a phone call away.

Services We Provide

We provide all types of services, to meet any domestic, commercial, industrial or rural need. Whether it’s a burst pipe you want rectified or your hot water system replaced, we’re here to help. Our professional and qualified plumbers can assist you with:

  • Maintenance
  • Emergency call outs available
  • Stormwater services
  • Extensions & renovations
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking taps & toilets
  • Blocked toilets & pipes
  • Roof repairs & installation
  • CCTV drain inspections
  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Back-flow prevention
  • Rainwater tank installations
  • Fixture replacements
  • Pre-purchase plumbing inspections

If you’re looking for a specialist near you in Canberra, give us a call on 📞 0411 169 327.

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We provide all types of plumbing services, to meet any domestic, commercial, industrial or rural need.